Affiliate Lab Review (2024): Is Matt Diggity’s Course Legit?

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Kurt Rhodes
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June 24, 2024
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bulletCovers the basics well.
bulletExpert and experienced tutors.
bulletCan pay in installments.


Can overwhelm beginners.
Does not offer a refund. 
Community access: Facebook only.


bullet$997 One-time payment
bullet$597 in two payments
to affiliatelab’s website

Are you wondering if the Affiliate Lab is the right course to learn affiliate marketing? Is it worth the cost?

Consider a few perspectives rather than blindly trusting a course of this value. Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab is often on top when finding the best course to learn affiliate marketing in 2024.

From my experience of learning from the course throughout the years, I see true value every time I interact with it. Here, I will discuss why it is considered one of the best online affiliate marketing courses and how it can make you an expert affiliate marketer.

Please read till the end to learn my thoughts on the course and what other students of the Affiliate Lab think of it.

Come, let’s begin.

The Affiliate Lab Course: At a Glance

To understand the gist of my experience with The Affiliate Lab and Matt Diggity, here’s a quick summary within the table for you to follow.

✍️ Best ForBeginners and intermediates
⭐ Overall reviewThe course follows a holistic approach and shares advanced modules to learn from, which is important for a beginner
💵 Price$997
⚙️ InstructorMatt Diggity
👉 What you’ll learnNiche selection, on-site and off-site SEO, website audit, building authority sites
🤩 Bonus InclusionsChecklists, SOPs, masterclasses, playbooks, YouTube mastery course
💸 Refunds offeredNo refund or money-back offered
🔄 Community AccessCommunity access through Facebook

With a bit of taste of what this affiliate marketing course offers, let me continue with the review and help you understand the different sides of the coin. 

Pros And Cons Of The Affiliate Lab Course

Is it precious, as its current users say? What are its drawbacks? Let’s find out. The drawbacks of the course are only seen when you actually work with the course over a period of time

As much as I like the course, there are a few shortcomings that I cannot overlook and would want to be changed in The Affiliate Lab. 

What Is The Affiliate Lab?  

The Affiliate Lab is one of the most popular online affiliate marketing courses for beginners. The course instructor is an expert SEO professional, Matt Diggity, who owns and runs his own portfolio of affiliate marketing websites.

Affiliate Lab

The course offers in-depth guidance for beginners and intermediates on affiliate marketing and the right way to do it. 

With carefully created courses for every aspect of affiliate marketing, the course leaves you well-equipped with knowledge of affiliate marketing. 

Who Is The Affiliate Lab For?

This gem of a course can be taken by everyone, but it suits incredibly well for beginner and newly turned intermediate affiliate marketers who require guidance starting and continuing their affiliate marketing efforts.

A tiny percentage of experts can also look at The Affiliate Lab if they want to revisit the best practices to follow and wish to explore a new method of affiliate marketing rather than the existing one.

Who Is Matt Diggity?

Matt Diggity is an engineer turned SEO and tutor. He is the primary brain and voice behind the Affiliate Lab course and an expert affiliate marketer.

Matt Diggity

Over the years, he has shared his knowledge and experience in finding profitable opportunities, optimizing websites, building links, and eventually flipping a website for a profit.

Matt also runs a popular YouTube channel where he shares free guidance and best practices to follow through his videos. Apart from YouTube, he is active on Linkedin with 29,000+ followers.

What’s Included With Affiliate Lab Course?

When you buy a subscription to the course, you’re not getting access to just one piece of content. 

In fact, I was surprised when I saw that I could access a ‘Beginner’s Lab’ course to strengthen my basics, plus more useful templates and guides that helped me after I completed the main course.

Here’s what is included with your Affiliate Lab purchase.

1. The Affiliate Lab Core Training

The Affiliate Lab’s primary inclusion is the modules that teach the ways of affiliate marketing. This includes detailed guide videos that teach everything to a beginner from scratch.

The Affiliate Lab Core Training

This is what I paid for when I first took this course, and it is the same as what many other subscribers do.

2. Other Inclusions Of The Affiliate Lab

A good thing about getting an Affiliate lab subscription is that it does not limit your access to basics. Share a list of other things offered with the subscription, like:

  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Masterclasses
  • Exclusive community access
  • Discount on top software and tools
Other Inclusions Of The Affiliate Lab

While these are considered great value, all of these inclusions are offered free of cost within the price of the Affiliate Lab.

Affiliate Lab Course Breakdown — Detailed Review

Coming to the lessons Matt Diggity teaches in this course, here is a detailed introduction to each module of the Affiliate Lab. 

With over 30+ sections and a required time of about 25 hours to finish the course, The Affiliate Lab teaches all you need to build a profitable website. Here are more details on each module:

The Affiliate lab begins with a basic introduction to the host and the course, how to join a Facebook group, and the most important course lesson on SEO. Post this, Matt introduces to the “Six Figure Flipper Club” before proceeding with the course. 

Let’s begin with an exclusive behind-the-scenes about what the course includes and how the interface looks.

1. Niche Selection

This module dives deep into how to find and evaluate profitable, low-competition niches for your affiliate sites. 

Niche Selection

Key lessons include understanding the differences between niche vs. authority sites, using Matt’s niche grading tool, and identifying high-commission affiliate programs outside of Amazon.

2. On-site SEO

Covering everything from keyword research to site architecture, content creation, and on-page optimization, this module provides a complete, battle-tested on-site SEO curriculum. 

On-site SEO

Highlights include Matt’s proven keyword research process, techniques for building topically relevant site structures, and advanced on-page tactics like TFIDF and schema markup.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

In this module, Matt shares his expertise in maximizing affiliate commissions through strategic CRO. 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

You’ll learn how to keep visitors engaged, craft high-converting CTAs, optimize for click-through rates, and even negotiate better payouts with affiliate programs.

4. Off-site SEO

Recognizing that link building is crucial for affiliate site success, the Affiliate Lab provides Matt’s comprehensive “Bulletproof Backlink Strategy.” 

Off-site SEO

This includes building an authoritative Google persona, developing a social media “fortress,” and implementing advanced white hat and (optional) grey hat link-building tactics.

5. Technical Audits

This module may not be the most thrilling, but it’s crucial to understand how to properly audit your website to identify and fix any underlying issues. 

Technical Audits

Matt covers several key aspects of technical SEO auditing, including:

  • Google Search Console
  • Negative SEO
  • Technical On-Page & Off-Page Audits
  • Ahrefs Audit

6. The Kitchen Sink

When your affiliate site starts to level or gets “stuck” in its rankings, it can be incredibly frustrating. 

The Kitchen Sink

This module, aptly titled “The Kitchen Sink,” provides a treasure trove of troubleshooting tactics for getting your site unstuck and back on a growth trajectory.

  • Site Size Explosions
  • The “Set Up” Technique
  • Content and Markup Injections
  • The Nitty Gritty

7. The Authority Site Module

While the course focuses heavily on building successful niche sites, Matt also dedicates a module to the topic of authority site development. 

The Authority Site Module

This is crucial knowledge, as many affiliate marketers eventually look to scale their businesses by building out authoritative, content-rich websites.

  • Naming Authority Sites
  • Site Architecture
  • Content for Authority Sites
  • Backlinks for Authority Sites
  • Avoiding Authority Site Pitfalls

8. What’s Next

In this final section of the course, Matt shares closing thoughts with the learners and provides a roadmap for the future. 

What’s Next

This section also gives an introduction to website flipping and why Matt likes to flip them. 

Apart from this, the subscription to Affiliate Lab also gives you specific bonuses like guest webinars.

The Affiliate Lab Bonus Inclusions

The other bonuses that every learner of the Affiliate Lab is eligible for are add-ons mentioned earlier. 

Some of these add-ons are separate courses themselves and amount to colossal value:

  1. The Beginner’s Lab  ($997 value)
  2. Exclusive Facebook group ($1997 value)
  3. CRO Masterclass  ($1297.00 value)
  4. Featured Snippets Masterclass ($597 value)
  5. Authority Blueprint ($1497 value)
  6. Website Flipping Masterclass ($2997 value)
  7. Outreach Masterclass ($597 value)
  8. Website Recovery Kit ($997 value)
  9. Optimize Your Health ($297 value)
  10. SEO Testing Crash Course ($297 value)
  11. Topical Authority Masterclass ($797 value)

All of the above totals $12,367, making the returns much more valuable than the $997 required to subscribe to the course.

The Affiliate Lab Pricing: Is It Worth The Cost?

The Affiliate Lab course costs $997 one-time, or you can pay it in two installments. 

The Affiliate Lab course is priced fairly and is worth the initial investment, given the benefits that you can reap from it. 

The Affiliate Lab PricePayment PeriodSavings
$997One-time payment$217
$597Two installments of payment
The Affiliate Lab Pricing

Although the course does not offer a free trial, you can watch this free webinar to learn more about it. 

My Learnings From Affiliate Lab Review 

After thoroughly reviewing the Affiliate Lab course, I’ve walked away with some key takeaways that I believe are invaluable for any aspiring affiliate marketer:

Here, niche selection is one of the most important lessons I learned. I learned just how crucial proper niche selection is. The course goes to great lengths to explain the nuances between building a successful niche site and an authority site.

Matt’s niche grading tool is a handy resource for evaluating potential niches based on profitability and rankability. Getting this first step right can make all the difference for your future success.

Overall, the Affiliate Lab is a course created by someone who has extensively tested these strategies in the trenches. The depth of knowledge, level of detail, and actionable nature of the training are awe-inspiring. 

Towards the end, I had a roadmap to building successful, profitable affiliate sites, which was precisely what I was looking for. Thanks, Matt!

Where Can Affiliate Lab Be Improved?

I believe that the Affiliate lab is a pretty effective course but has a little area of improvement. 

The major improvement I would like to see is the option of a money-back guarantee or a refund period if someone does not see the course’s worth. 

The second thing about the course that I do not like is that the content is displayed in the form of PowerPoint slides, and the visuals feel very outdated. 

Apart from this, I found webinars from 2020 in the Bonus section of the course. I’m not sure why, but does the course not have updated webinars?

Affiliate Lab Reviews: Sharing Other Users’ Experiences

Keeping my experience on the side, let us now look at what other learners have to share about The Affiliate Lab:

1. Affiliate Lab Reviews Reddit

Users on Reddit have mixed opinions about the course. Some think that the course content is the same as Matt’s website and YouTube, while others find it helpful and credible.

  1. Bizzzmark’s post on Reddit.
Bizzzmark’s Post on Reddit
Source: Reddit
  1. Geedub82’s post on Reddit.
Geedub82’s Post on Reddit
Source: Reddit

2. Affiliate Lab Reviews On Quora 

The reviews on the Affiliate Lab were different than those on Reddit, and the majority of positive experiences were shared by users. However, I did not find any review of recent posts, with the recent post being a year old.

  1. Affiliate Lab review on Quora by Dan Spencer
Affiliate Lab Review on Quora by Dan Spencer
Source: Quora

3. Affiliate Lab Official Student Testimonials

You will find many positive reviews if you head to the Affiliate Lab’s student testimonials page, too. 

Affiliate Lab Official Student Testimonials
Source: The Affiliate Lab

Users have shared their thoughts about this course and shared the real results they’ve gotten by following the practices taught by Matt.

The Affiliate Lab Alternatives

While the Affiliate Lab is one of the best courses for learning affiliate marketing, it is not the only one. Given its drawbacks, you might also want to consider the next 3 alternatives that are equally good: 

Affiliate Lab AlternativeCourse InstructorsPrice 
Authority HackerGael Breton & Mark Webster$1499
Income School by Project 24Ricky Kesler & Jim Harmer$499
Blog Growth EngineAdam Enfroy$1,997

Here are more details on the alternatives that you can consider: 

1. Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker is one of the best courses for learning affiliate marketing and starting up a successful affiliate marketing website. This course teaches learners how to build authoritative websites, as taught by Gael Breton and Mark Webster.

Authority Hacker

The Authority Site System, like the Affiliate Lab, grants lifetime access to the course purchased and to every new update that is added to it.

2. Income School Project 24

Fitting in as the perfect affiliate marketing course for beginners who also have a budget restriction, the Income School is a great way to start and learn the whole blogging system. 

Income School Project 24

Along with the subscription to the course, a learner also gets access to an active community, a members-only podcast, and live mastermind sessions, all for $499 a year.

3. Blog Growth Engine

The last one on the list of Affiliate Lab alternatives has to be the Blog Growth Engine from Adam Enfroy himself. Known as a sensation in the blogging community, Adam shares his secrets behind achieving $10K per month.

Blog Growth Engine

One unique thing about this course is that you can take an 80-minute masterclass before getting a subscription to the course. 

Conclusion: Is Affiliate Lab Worth it?

Summarizing thus, I found the Affiliate Lab to be the best bet when it comes to getting valuable knowledge at a fair price.

The course is something I would recommend for anyone starting their journey into affiliate marketing. It allows an affordable entry point to learning affiliate marketing. I understand that $997 is not a small fee, but given the justice it provides to the cost, the initial investment is worth it.

It’s been a few years since I took this course, and I am still finding newer ways to do things. Each new update simply adds to the benefits it provides. I am just waiting for the interface to feel a bit fresh.

On that note, this was my experience with The Affiliate Lab, and in my experience, you should definitely consider starting your learning with it!


Does The Affiliate Lab cover finding profitable niches and affiliate programs? 

The Niche Selection module in The Affiliate Lab goes into great depth on how to find and evaluate profitable, low-competition niches for your affiliate sites.

Is The Affiliate Lab suitable for beginners with no website experience? 

The Affiliate Lab is well-suited for beginners, as it assumes no prior knowledge. There is a dedicated “Beginner’s Lab” module that covers the fundamentals of setting up a website and online business.

Does The Affiliate Lab include strategies for optimizing my website and affiliate links for conversions? 

The Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) module maximizes affiliate commissions through tactics like improving user engagement, crafting high-converting CTAs, optimizing click-through rates, and even negotiating better payouts with affiliate programs.

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